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DOOM Nintendo Switch release date: Go to Hell this November

17 October 2017

In a recent interview id Software developers Hugo Martin and Marty Stratton, creative director and executive producer of DOOM respectively, announced the official release date of DOOM on the Switch: November 10, 2017.

For the uninitiated, the original Doom was released by id Software for PC in 1993. There's far more that goes into that decisions (at least we like to think most of the time), but dismal sales for Skyrim and DOOM might start changing Bethesda's perceptions on support for Nintendo's new golden child. Your friend needs to have their own Switch if you want to do that.

On the topic of the technical performance, the developers had a lot to say. They took that and ran with it, and really tailored the experience and the tech for that hardware, without watering anything down...

These games were already confirmed to be released, with Wolfenstein II being released in 2018, and Skyrim in November.

Developing for the Switch, which has handheld functionality at the forefront, does seem to have led to some limitations. The level creation tool, SnapMap, will not be included with the Switch version. Just as it's always been, just as it always will be in the Doom universe.

Those other versions also target 60 frames per-second for gameplay, versus the Switch's 30 FPS. Id Software's Doom is nearly here, and we're excited to jump back into its insane world and kill some demons. Will you be picking up Doom on the Nintendo Switch?

DOOM on Nintendo Switch will include both the entirety of the single-player campaign, as well as arcade mode, and each and every one of the multiplayer maps, including those originally released as DLC.

DOOM Nintendo Switch release date: Go to Hell this November