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Trump Travel Ban 3.0 Hearing Ends in Maryland Without a Ruling

18 October 2017

A US judge on Tuesday blocked President Donald Trump's latest bid to impose restrictions on citizens from several countries entering the United States, which had been due to take effect this week.

The White House called Watson's ruling "dangerously flawed" and a threat to national security. The Department of Justice says it will appeal the decision, and another federal court is also expected to rule on the third version of the ban.

Trump management, in March, majority of population of Muslim Iranian, Syria, Sudan, Somalia, Yemen and Libyan Citizens for 90 days for a new visa and all refugee admission to country was made a decision to be stopped for 120 days.

"The fact that this executive order is slightly different than the previous executive orders does not eliminate the clarity of the issue, and the clarity of the issue is that Donald Trump sought out to discriminate against Muslims and stigmatize Islam, and he has, in fact, done that", he said. The ban had broad restrictions on immigration from North Korea, Syria, and Somalia, creating an exception for Iranian students upon enhanced screening, and barring entry of immigrants and nonimmigrants from Chad, Libya and Yemen on business, tourist or business-tourist visas. Now, less than a day before the latest ban - issued in late September via executive proclamation - was set to take effect, a federal judge in Hawaii has issued a nationwide order temporarily blocking the ban, as the New York Times reports. The justices signaled that they want the lower courts to rule first on the new restrictions. "And refugees from Syria are no longer banned indefinitely, though the USA refugee program is still suspended for 120 days and the number of refugees admitted this year cut by more than half". The parallel rulings were upheld by appellate courts.

Deputy Assistant Attorney General Hashim Mooppan said the countries were selected after a "months-long review" and recommendations from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the U.S. State Department.

It made good on Mr Trump's campaign promise to ban Muslims from entering the United States until more stringent immigration procedures could be put in place to prevent terrorist attacks. The administration interpreted that decision as favoring only certain family members such as parents, spouses, children, adult sons or daughters, sons- and daughters-in-laws, siblings and fiances/fiancees. The new restrictions that were set to take effect Wednesday cover eight countries - Chad, Iran, Libya, North Korea, Syria, Venezuela, Somalia and Yemen.

Version 3.0 adds Venezuela and North Korea.

Some countries ultimately faced more complete bans than others, and the USA indicated they would make their way off the list if conditions changed.

Several judges granted injunctions overturning all or part of the ban.

"The new rules take effect October 18". It will remain in place until the affected nations comply with stringent requirements for vetting their citizens before they can receive visas to enter the U.S. They later dismissed one of the challenges to the March version of the ban. Therefore, the judge's restraining order does not apply to those portions of the ban, which can be enforced starting Wednesday.

Trump Travel Ban 3.0 Hearing Ends in Maryland Without a Ruling