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Essential Phone early adopters get $200 vouchers

31 October 2017

But when said discount amounts to more than half the original price tag, one can't help but feel a bit suspicious.

To get the Essential phone for $299, a customer should have the Friends and Family discount code. In case you're purchasing an Essential Phone, this brings the cost down to as low as $299 ($499 short the $200 rebate). The rebate is being offered through a $200 Friends and Family code, yet tragically, won't be discounted to users directly - rather, they can utilize the price cut to purchase frill like the Essential Camera or another Essential Phone. But if you paid full price for it you'll now be compensated.

How are you liking your Essential Phone so far?

Obviously, this is the key in getting an Essential PH-1 for $299. Using the code toward the 360 Camera would essentially (no pun intended) make it free. The form must be submitted before November 15th. So technically, Essential is nearly forcing you to buy a new phone quickly.

As explained earlier, you can use it toward another Essential PH-1, which is what the company is encouraging users to do. Fundamental Products back in September was accounted for to have sold only 5,000 units of the Essential Phone on United States transporter Sprint. Reportedly, it managed to sell only 5,000 units. Essential phone was first announced in May and the company set to launch it in July. But the phone did not come in August as well and it was finally released in September. Moreover, the phone's camera performance is not as good as the other flagships including the Galaxy S8 and Pixel 2. You then fill up a form with your phone's serial number and IMEI to prove the purchase, after which you will be eligible to receive a $200 discount towards the purchase of another Essential PH-1. In addition, this newest software update also includes a new fingerprint gesture which will let owners quickly slide their finger down over the fingerprint reader to drop down the notification shade.