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Bullying drove 13-year-old Rosalie Avila to kill herself, parents say

05 December 2017

Eighth grader Rosalie Avila was taken off life support on Friday after she attempted suicide on November 28, after years of reportedly being teased by other students.

Freddie Avila said he found his daughter Rosalie alongside a note saying that after years of being bullied by her peers, she couldn't take it anymore.

"And it said, "Sorry, Mom, you're gonna find me like this", the grieving father said.

Rosalie, who was reportedly bullied for two years, left a note behind apologizing to her parents for deciding to commit suicide.

"Sorry, Mom and Dad". Her family said she loved the snow as much as she loved the beach and enjoyed singing.

Mom Charlene called the bullies "heartless".

Freddie and Charlene have turned Rosalie's journal over to police, and they want the school district to do something about the bullying, saying enough wasn't done to prevent this tragedy.

"They told me I was ugly today", father Freddie recalled reading from Rosalie's journal, according to the outlet. "'They were making fun of me today about my teeth'".

And as if that pain was not enough, Rosalie's parents said they are now being bullied as they mourn having to let their daughter go. "Tuck me in THIS", the caption read, with an arrow pointing to a grave. One family member alleged the school district was aware Avila had been bullied for years.

"I did everything I'm supposed to do as a father, and these people did not respond, because those bullies are still at the school", lamented Freddie.

An anonymous someone sent them a horrifying message with photos of their daughter, a bed, and an open grave. "I think kids don't have the maturity to handle it".

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help with the costs of Rosalie's burial.

The middle school released a statement in the days after her death to say grief counselors will be available to anyone who needs them.

"No one can fathom the heartbreak and confusion that we are certain many of our students and their families are feeling right now, especially the families of those students that have been most closely struck by this event", the December 1 statement had said. They plan to take her off Monday night and donate her organs. "She used to love going to school". She always remembered her friends' birthdays and would go out of her way to get them a gift. She was a handsome person inside and out. She was a lovely person inside and out. Her dream was to become a lawyer so she could make the world a better place. The eighth grader loved dancing, camping, and going to the amusement park, and watched shows like "Stranger Things" and "The Walking Dead" so many times, she could recite the lines by heart, he added. "The world lost a treasure". Her smile would light up the whole room with her laughter.

Bullying drove 13-year-old Rosalie Avila to kill herself, parents say