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New Destiny 2 Prometheus Lens Exotic Broke its Crucible PvP

07 December 2017

Curse of Osiris raises the power level cap from 305 to 330, and naturally that means the game's stiffest challenges are being buffed to challenge powered-up players.

Previously, participating in the "Prestige" difficulty mode for Destiny 2's Nightfall strikes required players to be at the power level cap for the game: 300. The Prometheus Lens trace rifle is a random exotic drop, which bestows lucky players with the power to absolutely melt the opposition in PvP. At least for their more exciting Prestige variants. As of Tuesday December 5, this trophy is now completely unobtainable for anyone that does not own the Curse of Osiris expansion for Destiny 2, which means that if you didn't get it before then, the Platinum trophy is now not possible without paying extra money. These missions are fairly short, on a smaller scale than main campaign missions, but help to expand Curse of Osiris' lore. It is also available as the first of two planned expansions in the game's $35 expansion pass. So far, no new abilities have been added to the base game so leveling up to level 25 is not really worth looking up to however as new abilities are added in future, they will be useful for these new levels. The new "base" level of the Nightfall and Raid is now 300, making them as hard as the Prestige mode was before.

Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris also adds "Heroic" strikes, which are more hard versions of the regular strikes, and these are also locked to standard Destiny 2 players. But for folks who haven't purchased the new content, it's become much more hard to access the high-level missions that make up the endgame. This shouldn't pose too much of a problem, but players may find waiting times for matchmaking to increase as more players choose to forgo the standard difficulty in favor of Heroic.

New Destiny 2 Prometheus Lens Exotic Broke its Crucible PvP