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Raiders are going all in to try and bring back Jon Gruden

31 December 2017

Raiders owner Mark Davis was also asked about the report that his team was looking to hire Gruden, and although he had the opportunity, he didn't take the chance to shoot anything down.

Gruden "would prefer not to make any decisions until the regular season finishes Sunday", though. If he offers ownership again, all 32 National Football League owners will have to approve the proposed contract between Gruden and the Raiders.

Former head coach of the Raiders and now football analyst Jon Gruden shown at a game between the Saints and Raiders November, 2012 in Oakland. If he doesn't there's a good chance that Del Rio sticks around for another year before the franchise moves to Las Vegas.

Last offseason, Gruden acknowledge talking to the Indianapolis Colts with owner Jim Irsay, but said the conversation was not focused on a coaching job.

But this time, Gruden would be given enough power in Oakland to be able to reshape the front office, coaching staff and entire organization, though there still are some holdovers from when he coached there. Chuck Pagano, who remained the coach this season, was under contract at the time. There is perhaps no name bigger than Gruden's out there on the coaching market, so it will be interesting to see where he ends up in 2018.

"I don't want to sit here and speculate".

Rightfully so, as there hasn't been a sexier head coaching candidate in the last few years than Gruden - a Super Bowl victor with a throwback personality that fans gravitate towards. I can't say I haven't taken any phone calls. Following the Super Bowl run of his first season in charge, the Bucs never won another playoff game under Gruden. Imagine going up to your girlfriend of three years and saying, "I'm going to propose to this other girl I dated from 1999 to 2001 and if she says no, then I'll probably propose to you".

The idea that Gruden will come back to Oakland and turn the clock back to 1999 is misguided at best.

The NFL Network has reported that Gruden may bring former Raiders quarterback Rich Gannon on as the quarterback coach.

An ownership source said owners might not be so quick to approve the deal, because they wouldn't want to establish a precedent. Many sources believe the Raiders are preparing to make an offer so enticing that it will be hard for Gruden to turn it down. "Im here to help people".

Raiders are going all in to try and bring back Jon Gruden