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More Than A Trillion Planets Could Exist Beyond Our Galaxy

06 Февраля 2018

A University of Oklahoma astrophysics team has discovered a population of planets beyond the Milky Way galaxy.

Now, researchers said that the method has helped them detect the presence of objects in extragatic galaxies.

Dai and Guerras published their discovery in the Astrophysical Journal Letters. Detecting planets beyond the Milky Way galaxy is very hard.

The researchers relied on a technique called microlensing, which uses the distortions of light from a background source much like a magnifying glass to see distant objects.

Because of this innovative study, scientists now have the option to look outside our galaxy for answers to these fundamental questions and more.

Researchers have earlier announced that they may have discovered the first moon outside of our solar system.

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A group of astroboffins from the University of Oklahoma has become the first to demonstrate exoplanet observations in another galaxy - one that's 3.8 billion light years away, or one-third of the distance across the observable universe.

Since these objects are so distant-the extragalactic bodies are some 3.8 billion years away-microlensing is the only way to get a sense of their shape. The quasar's light revealed 2,000 unbound planets moving between the galaxy's stars.

The planets are too far away for anyone alive to view them firsthand, the paper said, but the ability to detect them with modern technologies is promising for future study and exploration. The gravitational force of the galaxy bends the light heading toward the Milky Way, illuminating the galaxy in an effect called microlensing.

In an astonishing find, scientists have finally managed to discover planets beyond our Milky Way Galaxy.

It is not uncommon these days to hear about the discovery of new and perhaps mesmerizing planets orbiting some distant star. So they came up with a more roundabout method. For example, microlensing was used when scientists discovered on of the most distant exoplanets every discovered, and that one is nearly 13,000 light years away from Earth. But being able to detect them reflects the incredible power of the microlens, not to mention the evidence - even if we knew it - that there are indeed planets in other galaxies. "This microlensing is amplifying something that is very small and changing colors, which makes no sense, or it is amplifying a small region of a bigger object, and that object has different colours", Guerras said.

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More Than A Trillion Planets Could Exist Beyond Our Galaxy