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Ava DuVernay Will Direct 'The New Gods' For DC Films

16 March 2018

Ava DuVernay, director of Selma, The 13th, and A Wrinkle In Time will direct an adaptation of the D.C. comics series The New Gods, Deadline reports.

It gives DuVernay the creative freedom to tell the story she wants rather than worry about what's happening with Batman or Superman or any other superhero property.

Set after Ragnarok and the birth of a new generation of gods, The New Gods was part of Jack Kirby's Fourth World cycle of storytelling, along with Mister Miracle and The Forever People.

Who are the New Gods?

The New Gods were hinted at in Justice League, when Steppenwolf and his parademons paved the way for Darkseid, the evil ruler of Apokolips.

"New Gods" would be a major addition to the DC Extended Universe, which Warner Bros. launched in 2013 to take advantage of the massive DC library and compete with Disney's Marvel Cinematic Universe. The exploration of the "old gods" via flashbacks in Patty Jenkins' film also heavily suggest the existence of the New Gods, who came after the destruction of the old.

The main character of the original New Gods comic book - which was occasionally called Orion of the New Gods during its run - Orion was Luke Skywalker years before George Lucas was telling stories about a galaxy far, far away. War ensues. There is a rich universe of extraordinary characters for DuVernay to play with here. The son of arch-villain Darkseid, Orion was raised by Darkseid's opposite number Highfather on the utopian planet of New Genesis, and has struggled to maintain balance between his bestial nature and the loving nurture he was given as a child.

There are plenty of compelling New Gods, other than Mister Miracle, Big Barda, Darkseid and Highfather.

Created by Jack Kirby, the New Gods are the collective residents of New Genesis and Apokolips, warring planets populated by powerful alien beings. This will be a fun one to follow.

Ava DuVernay Will Direct 'The New Gods' For DC Films