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Nixon wins Working Families Party support against Cuomo

15 April 2018

The New York Working Families Party has officially endorsed Cynthia Nixon for Governor in her primary battle with Andrew Cuomo.

Nixon said she was honored to receive the endorsement Saturday and "inspired by the enthusiasm of progressive working-class members of the party".

Former Sex and the City star and current Democratic candidate for NY governor Cynthia Nixon has embraced marijuana legalization, and now she's hoping cannabis fans will support her campaign.

Even if Nixon's long-shot campaign to defeat Cuomo in the Democratic primary were to succeed, the governor's name would nearly certainly still be on the ballot in November.

Nixon won't yet commit to remaining on the WFP line for the general election.

The formal nomination to put Nixon and Williams on the ballot will come next month. Cuomo soon followed to say he too would not seek the party's nod.

But Lipton accused the guv of threatening retaliation against unions affiliated with Nixon endorsers.

"Big donors and powerful political insiders have held too much power in Albany for too long", Lipton said in a statement.

Nixon is mounting a progressive challenge against Cuomo.

New York's Democratic Primary is in September.

Cuomo campaign spokeswoman Abbey Fashouer said the governor's "record of progressive accomplishment is unmatched". "Let me be very clear: this is not only a full-blown attack on democracy, it's an attack on the 20,000 members that we represent".

Labor unions allied with Cuomo said Friday they would withdraw from the Working Families Party.

As governor, Cynthia would fight for a progressive agenda in NY by supporting policies to provide health care for all, legalize marijuana, and take corporate money out of politics.

Nixon wins Working Families Party support against Cuomo