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Trump calls for prosecuting 'untruthful slime ball' ex-FBI chief Comey

15 April 2018

The President has been highly critical, and public with his criticism, of Mr Comey since firing him in May a year ago over his handling of the FBI investigation into Mrs Clinton's emails and the inquiry into Russian interference in the election.

A new Post/ABC News poll finds that Trump enters into this battle with Comey - and into the larger war with Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller III that forms the backdrop for this skirmish - at a serious disadvantage.

Trump has denied any collusion, but the Russian Federation probe has been an open sore on his presidency.

Comey says he offered his "honest loyalty" instead. The document claimed that Trump had watched the prostitutes urinate on themselves in the same Moscow suite that President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama had stayed in "as a way of soiling the bed", Comey writes.

President Donald Trump has been railing against former FBI Director James Comey for days now as Comey has been all over the news due to his highly anticipated book and upcoming media tour.

Comey's comments come in an interview excerpt, below, released by ABC News Saturday.

"Aside from searches about the Comey interview and his new book, people may also be interested in more personal details, including his age, marriage and children, his net worth, and even his height (he's 6'8" tall). Now he's going to cite it to delegitimize Comey's criticism of his own conduct in trying to obstruct and derail the investigation into his and his cronies' conduct, a good deal of which is a matter of public record at this point.

- Comey writes that during the meeting he kept thinking of the NY mafia from his experience as a federal prosecutor in Manhattan, and how the Trump team's behaviour was aimed at making the intelligence community part of his group - his Cosa Nostra.

"3 presidents are in my book: 2 help illustrate the values at the heart of ethical leadership; 1 serves as a counterpoint", he wrote.

Among the many revelations was that Trump fixated on unconfirmed allegations in a widely circulated intelligence dossier that Russians had filmed him interacting with prostitutes in Moscow in 2013, the Washington Post reported.

The excerpts from Mr Comey's memoir have infuriated the USA president, who insisted that he "never asked Comey for personal loyalty" and the he "hardly even knew this guy".

Trump was anxious there was a chance his wife, Melania Trump, would believe the allegations.

Asked whether Comey is someone he would describe as a slime ball - a term Trump has used twice in tweets this week - Ryan said in an interview broadcast Sunday on NBC's Meet the Press that "I don't speak like that". He said he did not know whether the events described in the dossier were true.

Asked how freaky that meeting with Trump was, Comey said: "Very weird". "I felt a wave of emotion, nearly to the verge of tears".

In January 2017, US intelligence chiefs briefed Trump and his advisers on Russia's election meddling. Comey said Trump was most fixated on the allegations about the prostitutes and said that Trump later asked him if he could investigate those claims.

Trump calls for prosecuting 'untruthful slime ball' ex-FBI chief Comey