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Colorado teachers plan their own Capitol rally Monday

17 April 2018

Teachers said they won't stay silent and sit on the sidelines any longer.

Dozens of Colorado teachers are at the state Capitol pushing for more money for schools.

The Englewood School District canceled classes ahead of the movement because so many teachers are expected to participate. They say they want more money and resources for teachers and students.

The "Day of Action" saw about 400 teachers, staff and other education personnel - about 150 came from Englewood - march on the perimeter of the Capitol and file into the building to talk to lawmakers.

"I work two jobs. We need a viable profession". When the state House Majority Leader John Allen heard of this past year he said, "The idea that we are somehow torturing if the have a second job is ridiculous".

The state's largest teacher's union is also opposing proposed changes to the pension system for teachers and other public employees.

On the other hand, the PERA proposal could include changes to the retirement age and other measures to shore up the vastly underfunded program within 30 years.

Sauk Rapids Police Chief Perry Beise says the boy randomly cut three children at Pleasantview Elementary School on Monday morning, then went into the office and set the knife down.

About 19,000 teachers are working in the province, from kindergarten to general education levels.

The authorities of the Central Highland province of Gia Lai plans to terminate the labour contracts of some 1,400 teachers in an effort to comply with the Politburo's resolution to streamline the contingent of public and civil workers. Per-pupil spending in Colorado has ranked near the bottom in the nation.

"Bottom line is, we were given a promise by our Legislature for our pension, and they are reneging", Swain said.

At least one Denver-area school district is closing Monday because so many of its teachers called in to take a personal day for the rally.

"It's about the fact that Colorado has the top performing economy in the country, and yet our schools are still funded at or near the bottom", List said.

Colorado teachers plan their own Capitol rally Monday