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Parents of Alfie Evans Launch Fresh Legal Challenge to Keep Son Alive

17 April 2018

The parents of a 23-month-old boy at the centre of a life-support treatment battle have lost their latest legal fight to allow the child to be moved to a foreign hospital for treatment.

The apology comes as Alfie's parents today lost their legal battle at the Court of Appeal in London to take their terminally ill son to Italy for further treatment.

In a statement on Facebook, Mr Evans said: "Deepest apologies from me and Kate James to the parents and staff effected by the protest/demonstration, it wasn't mine Kate's or anyone else intention to harm or cause conflict or upset".

The letter, from the Liverpool hospital's chief nurse, said the only Alfie's parents and two named visitors were now allowed to visit the Peadiatric Intensive Care Unit (PICO) at one time.

Mr Diamond, who represents Tom Evans, 21, and Kate James, 20, had asked Court of Appeal judges in London to reconsider the little boy's case.

Alfie's parents have complained that "the state" is wrongly interfering with their parental choice.

Specialists at Alder Hey said life-support treatment should stop and Mr Justice Hayden said he accepted medical evidence which showed that further treatment was futile.

Mr Evans said a jet was waiting at John Lennon airport and it is understood he plans to take his son to the Vatican-linked Bambino Gesu Paediatric Hospital in Rome for diagnosis and possible treatment after they received backing from Pope Francis.

Justice Moylan denied permission to appeal to the Supreme Court.

After the High Court judge upheld his original December 2017 ruling that backed Alder Hey doctors in their decision to switch off the toddler's life support, on Thursday night, supporters gathered at the hospital to protest.

Mr Diamond is asking appeal court judges to overturn decisions made by Mr Justice Hayden last week.

He said doctors overseas were willing to treat Alfie and an air ambulance was available.

"In our view the arguments advanced on behalf of the parents provide no basis on which Alfie could be said to be detained, or on which he could to be said to be unlawfully detained", Moylan said, according to Liverpool Echo.

"The awful reality was that nearly the entirety of Alfie's brain has been eroded, leaving only water and cerebral spinal fluid", Moylan said, reading from Hayden's previous decision, according to The Sun.

The judge also dismissed that suggestion.

Appeal court judges said doctors should continue treating Alfie pending a Supreme Court decision.

Judges have heard that Alfie, born on May 9 2016, is in a "semi-vegetative state" and has a degenerative neurological condition doctors had not definitively diagnosed.

Parents of Alfie Evans Launch Fresh Legal Challenge to Keep Son Alive