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Berlin to evacuate for disarming of World War II bomb

20 April 2018

Thousands of people around Berlin's central railway station were evacuated on Friday, April 20 as bomb disposal experts began defusing an unexploded World War II explosive unearthed on a building site. "The station will be completely closed down, all trains will be diverted", Deutsche-Welle's Rebecca Ritters reported.

"We didn't know anything about the bomb", he told AFP. The evacuation zone included homes, government ministries, hospitals and museums. "Residents are being asked to leave their homes due to the bomb from the World War being defused".

They have also been discovered in other European cities. It was found during a site at Heidestrasse in the district of Mitte.

Temporary shelters have also been set up for those affected by the evacuation.

"Good news: The originally coordinated Tegel flight plan for tomorrow can take place as planned", it tweeted Thursday.

There was severe transport disruption, with trains unable to stop at the main railway station.

It is believed the device will be defused around midday.

It is the latest in a number of unexploded bombs found recently in Germany including one at Berlin's Tegel airport and another in Frankfurt past year, which led to the evacuation of 65,00 people.

Police said they had no idea as yet how long the operation to defuse the bomb would take and would depend on the condition of the missile.

Buildings will be cleared in an 800m radius from the construction site where the bomb was discovered.

Police have however stressed that the bomb was "safe for now", reassuring nearby residents that "there is no immediate danger".

Berlin to evacuate for disarming of World War II bomb