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Kevin Hart stars in J

25 April 2018

Kevin Hart has been feeling pretty judged lately.

The comedian stars in J.Cole's new video for "Kevin's Heart", which was obviously inspired by the "Jumanji" star's alleged sex and extortion scandal from a year ago. The video displays themes of judgment and regret, along with big words written in the clouds, "Choose Wisely".

Cole released the video on Tuesday for his latest single "Kevin's Heart", off his newest album K.O.D.

The video, directed by Scott Lazer, features Hart receiving various dirty looks as he shops in a grocery store, while he later comes face-to-face with temptation after a sexy woman flirts with him while stopped at a traffic light and invites him back to her place.

Hart shows the impact of his decision making throughout the video.

As Cole lays down bars on the song, Hart catches scornful glimpses from formerly adoring fans while navigating through a wave of lovely women in the video.

In 2017, Hart admitted to cheating on his pregnant wife, Eniko Parrish.

"Kevin's Heart" is the second video from KOD, following "ATM", which dropped last week.

Hart 38, plays himself as he goes through a day presumably amid the news that an unidentified person allegedly tried to extort him for a sexually suggestive video.

Kevin Hart stars in J