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Flight attendant accused of bad behavior was drunk

05 May 2018

A Twitter user identified as Erika Gorman tweeted images at the airline company that alleged to show the "disorderly" employee during a flight from Denver to Williston, North Dakota.

United Airlines says it has compensated all of its passengers that were on a flight from Denver to Williston Thursday afternoon after a "concerning incident" involving a flight attendant arose. A passenger tweeted that one boarding announcement was, "If your seatbelt isn't tight, you (expletive)'d up".

Erika Gorman described the flight as "terrifying" in a tweet to United. Drunk or stoned stewardess endangered everybody's lives.

"We know about a concerning episode including a flight orderly serving on our provincial specialist co-op Trans States Airlines flight 4689".

Gorman also wrote that she went to the cockpit to speak with the captain. Police officers and an ambulance were waiting when the plane landed at its destination, according to Gorman.

The flight attendant was not arrested, according to Click2Houston. "The safety of our passengers and crew is ours and United's top priority".

United Airlines said it is refunding air fare for passengers "as a gesture of goodwill".

As a motion of altruism, we have remunerated all clients on board the flight and we apologize for any bother or misery this may have caused.

When the airlines were asked about the flight attendant's details, they did not respond.

"The wellbeing of our clients and group on board all United and Trans States flights is a best need".

Flight attendant accused of bad behavior was drunk