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Restaurants required to display calorie counts starting Monday

08 May 2018

The biggest impacts are expected "to have little to do with the one-off choices we make at the ordering counter: they could push food companies and restaurants to reformulate products so that they aren't so hideously high in calories, and shift consumer attitudes about nutrition", according to Vox.

More of your favorite restaurants are publishing the amount of calories each food item has on their menus as of May 7.

And it won't be just fast-food and sit-down restaurants that are affected.

"At a time when more than a third of USA adults are obese and more people are trying to make healthier lifestyle decisions, we know making informed choices about our diets has the potential to save and improve lives", Gottlieb said.

WASHINGTON - +An Obama-era rule requiring thousands of United States restaurants, stores and movie theaters to post nutritional information for items on their menus kicked in Monday, reminding Americans they are what they eat. The law not only applies to restaurants but also cafes, movie theaters, vending machines and any other food serving establishments with 20 or more locations.

The new disclosure rules actually extend far beyond restaurants.

Despite the Arizona State University findings from three years ago, Food and Drug Administration Commissioner (FDA) Scott Gottlieb is optimistic that the new rules will make a difference.

"Research, including a recent RAND Corporation study, suggests that people choose menu items with fewer calories when they have access to calorie information and that such information does not affect their satisfaction with the choice they make or their ratings of the restaurant", Gottlieb said.

The rule could help Americans - who eat about a third of their meals away from home - reduce calorie intake by 30 to 50 calories each time they eat out.

"Restaurant dishes at non-chain establishments across the country typically contained 1,200 calories - about half of the 2,000 or 2,500 calories recommended for moderately active women and men in an entire day", Tufts University researchers found.

How many calories do you need?

Restaurants required to display calorie counts starting Monday