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JetBlue outer windshield shatters midair

09 May 2018

The cabin maintained pressurization throughout the incident, according to ABC. Lauderdale after one of its windshields shattered midflight.

The San Juan flight was headed to Tampa when it was forced to land in Fort Lauderdale after cracks appeared in the windshield.

Video recorded by a WFTS reporter shows a flight attendant explaining the situation to passengers.

The airline JetBlue from Puerto Rico to Tampa was forced to make an emergency landing in South Florida on Sunday after his outer windshield cracked in the air. ABC reports that passengers were moved to a different flight and landed in Tampa at 3:31 p.m.

"There's multiple, multiple layers in the windscreen and it's the outer layer that shattered".

Southwest has been involved in two recent incidents involving cracked windows on their planes.

The plane made a safe landing and no injuries were reported, but it occurred just two weeks after Jennifer Riordan was almost sucked out of the window of another Southwest flight when an exploding engine caused the glass to shatter midair. One passenger died in that incident after being partially sucked out of a window. "As I said, we are at serious risk".

JetBlue outer windshield shatters midair