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One of Google Assistant's new voice offerings belongs to which famous musician?

09 May 2018

At I/O 2018, Google revealed that Android P's public beta is now available.

Android P Developer Preview was rolled out this year in March for developers. "And many people simply don't reserve with businesses that don't take online bookings", said Scott Huffman, Vice President, Google Assistant, in a blog post detailing the need of Duplex for businesses reliant on phone bookings. A lot of them were launched this year, which is all the more interesting: Sony Xperia XZ2, Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S, Nokia 7 Plus, Oppo R15 Pro, Vivo X21, OnePlus 6, and Essential PH-1.

Global support for Google Assistant is also expanding, and the digital assistant will be available in 30 languages and 80 countries before the end of the year. With the Adaptive Battery feature, Android P will use machine learning to offer an enhanced battery performance.

There's also a new feature called app actions.

You'll also be able to set app usage limits with App Timer, which will deliver reminders when you're getting close to your usage time and gray out the icon once you exceed the limit. In that case, you would have to find the pic in Google Photos, download it to your phone, and then upload it to Bumble. You'll like the new look of notifications, and all the smart controls and in-line replies or images.

Google said that TPU 3.0 generated so much heat while running through machine learning training and inference operations that its needs liquid cooling to keep from overheating.

"This approach means Google News understands the people, places and things involved in a story as it evolves, and connects how they relate to one another", he wrote. Here, even in the overview of recent apps you will be able to use smart text selection. Google also announced a food delivery service with the assistant, partnering with retailers like Starbucks. Google says the camera is reading landmarks to help determine your exact position and orientation, something it calls a visual positioning system.

Google Assistant, the company's AI-powered digital helper, now comes in six new natural-sounding voices, in addition to certain phrases spoken by singer John Legend coming later this year.

It's important to note that developers can choose whether they want to use Jetpack. For instance, if you've plugged in a pair of headphones, you'll see an action to play music that you were listening to earlier.

Slices is created to change how you interact with apps you already have installed on your phone.

Intel, Google, and Volvo Cars have announced at Google I/O that Intel will be powering Volvo's next-gen in-car infotainment systems. Owners of Google's own Pixel phones will get the updates most quickly.

Google Photos: When Google recognises a photo of someone who is one of your contacts, it can suggest sending the photo to that person. For example, "Shush" allows users to flip their Android device display facedown in order to turn on "Do Not Disturb" Mode. iPhone X-like multi-tasking gestures are also coming to Android P, too.

One of Google Assistant's new voice offerings belongs to which famous musician?