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Clay's Clayne Crawford replaced by Seann William Scott on Lethal Weapon

15 May 2018

Sources told the news outlet that Wayans' demands led to an argument with Crawford, with the latter using strong words to tell Wayans how he felt about him. That night, "Lethal Weapon's" second season ends with Crawford's character bleeding out over his dead wife's grave after being shot, further putting his series into question.

"He hit one other actor within the mouth with a bottle of inexperienced tea and busted his mouth open".

While Wayans does not directly comment on the reports surrounding his costar, he begins retweeting fans speculating about who could replace Crawford - Gibson, the original Riggs, as one fan suggests - and also retweets those saying Crawford will be missed on the series. Within the hashtag, Wayans included the episode during which he sustained the harm was directed by Crawford. He wrote, "How does the shrapnel from this hit me on the opposite side of the head?"

Updated, 11:27 include video after Wayans' turned his Twitter feed public again. He also apologized to the cast and crew for the "negative attention" the show has received as a result of these incidents.

Wayans later shared a photo of a sticker he said could be seen around the studio lot where the show was filmed. In another tweet he alleged that Crawford, who was sacked from "Lethal Weapon" over "bad behavior" on the set, "hit another actor in the mouth with a bottle of green tea and busted his mouth open". Twitter Wayans' tweets following reports of Crawford's firing. Crawford subsequently met with human resources, apologized for his actions, completed the appropriate therapy sessions required of him, then shared a "sizable portion" of his earnings with a party involved in the incident.

He wrote concerning the second incident that befell on the set of the drama sequence: "The second reprimand got here throughout an episode I used to be directing". It was an unlucky occasion that occurred regardless of all security precautions and procedures being adopted. When he is asked point-blank what happened on set, Wayans says, "One day I will speak on it".

"I absolutely love, respect and care for my crew and cast, and would never intentionally jeopardize so many jobs", the statement continued. That leads me to believe that this sixth season will really be the end, but it's allowing creators Jed Whedon and Melissa Tancharoen to wrap up all the intriguing plot implications they've set up in this season. He later added that he was "incredibly sorry" if his "passion for doing good work has ever made anyone feel less than comfortable on our set or feel less than celebrated for their efforts". TV have been trying to find a brand new actor to play Riggs if the sequence was renewed for a 3rd season.

Crawford's on-set behavior is first put into question by a report from Deadline.

Clay's Clayne Crawford replaced by Seann William Scott on Lethal Weapon