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Jimmy Fallon, Ariana Grande Sing with Nintendo Labo

15 May 2018

Fallon's made a notable thing out of having pop stars sing their hit songs while he and The Roots accompany on classroom instruments (Adele's is a great example).

The performance sounds incredible, as they would use real instruments.

The Nintento Labo instruments - made of cardboard and a Nintendo Switch gaming system - proved to be a ideal compliment to Grande's flawless vocals. Tariq of The Roots used the Toy-Con Fishing Rod, and Kamal and James utilized two Toy-Con Pianos to play both higher octaves and the bass. The host told IGN what a fan of Nintendo he is: 'I just love them.

'We made guitars by putting rubber bands over the Switch tablet so that it actually feels like you're strumming as your fingers touch the screen.

Band individuals utilized diverse Toy-Con from the Variety and Robot units. Labo makes the Nintendo Switch a must have.

"So this thing Labo is like cardboard-corrugated, I guess?"

We made a full-on band using Labo. I didn't know if it was going to sound good, but Ariana is always down to try something fun and different. "You can make robots, you can make all sorts of fun stuff", Fallon said. Fallon said that they got the song right on the second take, which is pretty impressive considering these are real musicians playing cardboard with something roughly the size of an iPad Mini attached to it.

The full segment airs on the show tonight.

Jimmy Fallon, Ariana Grande Sing with Nintendo Labo