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Exploding vape pen blamed for Florida man's death

16 May 2018

The manner of death is reported as an accident.

An exploding vaping pen is confirmed to have killed a 38-year-old man at his home. Officials found him with a wound to his top lip area and areas of burns to his body.

A Florida was killed when his vape pen exploded, sending projectiles into his head and causing a small fire in his house. Tallmadge "Wake" D'Elia's official cause of death, which is the first e-cigarette fatality in the US, was listed as "projectile wound of the head" and ruled accidental.

Vape pens are electronic cigarettes that produce vapor that users inhale. In this case, the autopsy noted that D'Elia was using a "mod" type e-cigarette manufactured by Smok-E Mountain.

The Smok-E Mountain Mech Works vaping device, which is made in The Philippines, is an unregulated mechanical e-cigarette.

"Lithium-ion batteries fail in other devices as well, but in a laptop, it's on your lap".

The report did not reveal a cause for the device explosion, but a representative told ABC Action News that it was likely due to an atomizer or battery issue.

"Make sure that you use the charger that comes with the battery, and make sure the charger has a shutoff device, an automatic shutoff device, so it's not overcharged". The U.S. Fire Administration reports that "there were 195 separate e-cigarette fire and explosion incidents in the United States reported by the media between 2009 and 2016".

"Any other e-cig that has a computer chip in it prevents that from happening", Wilder added.

There have been other reports of injuries from vape pens, said the report.

Deputy fire marshal Steven Lawrence, who attended the scene, said vape pens can "become pieces of flying debris and shrapnel".

And a vape pen exploded in a man's trousers in 2016 in New York, NBC4 reported.

Exploding vape pen blamed for Florida man's death