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Northeast Ohio reports 1st human West Nile virus case for 2018

26 July 2018

The high risk infection warning has been issued for southcentral, northcentral as well as southwest Kansas while the southeast, northeast as well as northwest Kansas are at a moderate infection risk.

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) has monitored the spread of West Nile virus since 2001 among wild birds, horses, mosquitoes, and people.

West Nile virus is transmitted to humans by mosquitoes. About one out of 150 infected people develop swelling of the brain or brain tissue that, in some cases, can result in death. People who have had it before are considered immune.

The Allegheny County Health Department on Tuesday announced that it would start spraying a pesticide to kill mosquitoes in an attempt to keep the West Nile virus from spreading to humans.

Health department officials urge people to protect themselves from mosquitoes by ridding their yards and neighborhoods of standing water, using screens on open windows and doors, and using insect repellent containing DEET to avoid bites. Follow the directions on the package, paying special attention to recommendations for use on children. Wear repellent and wear long sleeves and trousers at these times, or stay indoors.

Limiting time outside at dawn and dusk.

Make sure window and door screens are in good fix to prevent mosquito entry. Change the water in pet dishes and replace the water in bird baths weekly. These areas include urban catch basins, clogged gutters, discarded tires, poorly maintained swimming pools, flower pots, roof gutters, and other containers that hold water.

Most individuals infected with WNV will not have any symptoms.

In Pennsylvania, the West Nile season is primarily from the middle of the summer to early fall.

West Nile symptoms range from a slight headache and low-grade fever to swelling of the brain or brain tissue and in rare cases, death.

Northeast Ohio reports 1st human West Nile virus case for 2018