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Smoking ban in all public housing takes effect nationwide

01 August 2018

A nationwide ban on smoking in public housing facilities took effect at the end of July, almost two years after the rule was passed.

Effective Tuesday, July 31, across the country, all publicly-assisted housing units are smoke free.

According to the ban, residents will not be allowed to smoke inside public housing buildings, or anywhere within 25 feet of a building.

The smoking ban is drawing a mixed reaction.

Alpi said if a resident is caught smoking, consequences can lead up to an eviction.

But some residents have already filed a lawsuit, claiming the smoking ban infringes on their rights.

"I'm an adult and I feel like I am being treated like a child when you tell me I can't smoke if I choose to smoke", West said. "So, they had 45 days to talk about it". Approximately 18 months ago, HUD's proposed smoke-free rule required the more than 3,100 public housing agencies nationwide to implement smoke-free policies in their developments by July 30, 2018. The Decatur Housing Authority said the ban is a positive movement.

"There's more issues than just smoking inside somebody's home". This, after a number of homes caught on fire because of indoor smoking.

Edwards said the consequences of not following this new rule will be determined by each individual housing authority whether to evict, or not.

According to the Department of Housing and Urban Development, approximately 1.2 million households live in public housing units.

Smoking ban in all public housing takes effect nationwide