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Jerry Jones, Dallas Cowboys owner, not taking questions on national anthem

02 August 2018

Regardless of where you stand on the anthem controversy (and I respect the passion on both sides), it's hard to justify the Jones boys violating an National Football League gag order and going rogue with their own policy while other owners and the union quietly try to work a compromise.

In doing so, he ignored the half-measure of a rule the NFL adopted, which allowed players to remain in the locker room if they wished to protest during the national anthem. It's incredible to me that a player can beat up a woman and play for the Dallas Cowboys.

"I completely accept that, " Jones said.

Now, Cowboys star running back Ezekiel Elliott is adding context to Jones' comments.

Jones declared in a news conference last week that the Cowboys' policy on the anthem is all players must stand with their toe on the line. The Seahawks were among the first teams to demonstrate as a team, linking arms as a show of "unity" that season. A player can use illegal drugs, time and time again, and still play.

Gurley is one season ahead of Elliott, which means Dallas could start working to re-do Elliott's deal in the next year, or just try to hold him to his rookie contract - which never goes well. That statement drew immediate backlash and a quick apology from McNair.

Jones, meanwhile, likely will not be responding to Sherman's comments any time soon, after the National Football League reportedly told him not to bring up the anthem controversy anymore.

"As it turns out, tonight at the last second before we were getting ready to record our interview, we were told by Jerry and his public relations staff that the national anthem issue would be off limits", Doocy informed viewers later.

During press availability at training camp on Friday, Elliot dismissed the idea that Jones is a "bully" and explained the team chose and agreed to the policy.

Jones, who broke protocol by speaking out on the issue last week, is indicating he's going to shush up for real this time.

If you're looking for an old school journalist who has their finger on the pulse of the most pressing and vital issues in sports, look no further than legendary Dallas sportscaster, Dale Hansen. And when he was told about the mistake he was making, he still left his cap on.

Jones said he understood the point of view of players who say they aren't protesting the flag or the military. The most likely person to give him that money is Jones.

Jerry Jones, Dallas Cowboys owner, not taking questions on national anthem