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Turkey's annual natural resource consumption higher than average

02 August 2018

The Global Footprint Network is an worldwide research organisation who monitor the environmental damage caused by humanity as well as our use of natural materials. Its goal is to highlight the impact of humanity on Earth.

As a result of this overuse, fisheries are collapsing, freshwater is scarce, soils are being eroded and wildlife is vanishing, while the buildup of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is leading to climate change, more severe droughts, wildfires and hurricanes, the researchers said.

For the rest of the year, we're pushing Earth farther than it can go.

Today marks 2018's Earth Overshoot Day - and no, it's not a holiday.

"But fires are raging in the Western United States". Finally, if India continues its current rate of consumption, we will need resources of 2.5 countries to meet our demands.

As part of its mission to address the issues of clean and sustainable energy, the South African National Energy Development Institute (Sanedi) will be participating in this year's global Earth Overshoot Day, taking place on August 1, by urging South Africans to check their ecological footprint and be mindful of this where possible.

"Our economies are running a Ponzi scheme with our planet", said Global Footprint Network CEO Mathis Wackernagel.

"These are the consequences of busting the ecological budget of our one and only planet".

Halve the carbon component of the EF, such as reducing meat consumption.

If everyone cut their food waste in half, shifted to lower carbon diets and consumed world-average calories, overshoot day would be 38 days later. It presents new direction for business to ensure sustained growth by driving productivity and profitability that also benefits the planet and its people.

According to their calculations, humans have already used up all of the Earth's renewable resources for the year. To do so, it uses 15,000 data points collected by the United Nations for each country starting with 1961. Humans have been hovering in August since 2005, and yet they've still managed to move overshoot day up more than three weeks since then.

Turkey's annual natural resource consumption higher than average