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CDC: Condoms are not meant to be reused

04 August 2018

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is reminding people about proper condom usage.

It's widely known that condoms are used to help protect against sexually transmitted infections and unwanted pregnancies - if they're used properly.

For more information visit the CDC website.

"We say it because people do it, " the CDC message reads, adding "use a fresh one for each sex act". Some people misuse condoms as they wash and reuse them.

This is because it's more likely to slip off or tear the second time around - and no-one wants that.

She says while this is not a common issue, re-using a condom can have negative impacts on you and your partner.

"People really out here reusing condoms?!" said one shocked tweeter.

Another reason why used condoms need to be thrown away include emergence and rise of super gonorrhoea infections or gonorrheal infections that are resistant to the commonly used antibiotics. An older study from 2012 in the journal Sexual Health found that 1.4 to 3.3 percent of the participants in the study were reusing a condom at least twice during a sexual encounter. Cases of chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis have recently reached record highs.

Of course, the most horrifying part of this is the revelation that people do, indeed, wash out the various fluids which get stuck inside and outside a condom during sex - before doing it all over again with the same condom.

CDC: Condoms are not meant to be reused