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Shared locations on Google Maps now include battery life

04 August 2018

Google added location sharing to Google Maps a year ago, helping solve the problem of guessing how long it'll take for you to arrive at a restaurant (and whether your friends should go ahead and order without you). Both iOS and Android versions of Google Maps will eventually receive the update.

The new feature will help you keep an eye on your friends and relatives and make sure they're safe.

Having as much helpful information as possible continues to be a considered goal for the teams working on Google Maps, as indicative of the app's latest new addition. Zenly, a social map app that Snapchat acquired had a battery sharing feature back in 2016.

The report also added that on some occasions the battery level of a phone was below 15% but, it displayed a formal message saying "John's battery is between 50 and 75%". And now Google Maps will also show the battery life remaining in the device. Now, it seems that the company has worked on the feature and is slowly rolling it out to everyone.

You might already be aware of the ability within Google Maps to actively share your location with loved ones, friends and family members.

To use location sharing, tap the options menu in the app and select "Share location". Last month, Google globally rolled out the India-first "two wheeler" feature of Google Maps.

The location sharing feature has been around since March 2017 and has proved itself very useful, especially in scenarios where you or your friends are lost and you need to guide them precisely to their destination.

Shared locations on Google Maps now include battery life