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PUBG Mobile Game Gets a Mission Impossible: Fallout Crossover

05 August 2018

You will enjoy be able to enjoy it on Android and iOS for now. Once you are done with the update, you need to reboot your smartphone to see the new changes made to the game. "After only a few months on the market, we continue to build our player base for PUBG Mobile - now over 100 million strong - while growing our brand with innovative partnerships such as this special in-game event to appeal to a broad range of gamers worldwide".

The "Mission: Impossible" film franchise, which began back in 1996, seems to be aging just as gracefully as its lead star, with nearly every installment improving on the last. When McQuarrie asked him to make a cameo in the latest Mission: Impossible film, he refused. One of those features is a newly revealed event thanks to a recent partnership with Tencent Games and Paramount Pictures.

Perhaps Mission Impossible fans can also relive the moments of having the gaming experience of the espionage series which was given way back in the 1998 video game of the same title. As reported by Collider, it was earlier believed that he didn't return because of his time dedicated to Avengers: Infinity War, but his character Hawkeye was absent from the first Avengers movie. Again this is only live for the Android and iOS editions of the game. The game has also got the Royale Pass which equivalent of the Fortnite Battle Pass and even seasonal events.

PUBG Mobile is a free download through the App Store and Google Play, so why not give it a go if you're a console/PC player and want to know what all the fuss is about.

PUBG Mobile Game Gets a Mission Impossible: Fallout Crossover