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Apps removed from iTunes Affiliate Program

06 August 2018

In an announcement via newsletter, Apple said that all commissions for iOS and Mac apps in addition to in-app content will be removed, while "all other content types (music, movies, books and TV) will remain in the affiliate program". The company had rolled out a revamped iOS App Store with iOS 11, and is working on a new Mac App Store in macOS Mojave.

Post October 1 2018, iOS and Mac apps as well as in-app content will no longer be included in the iTunes Affiliate Program, which means that affiliates will no longer receive any commission for the these. Apple's plan to cut affiliate payments will likely have a negative impact on independent app reviewers that earn revenue by linking their recommendations to Apple's App Store, per VentureBeat. Apple reduced the commission rates last year to 2.5%, the same was 7% when the affiliate program launched in the year. The company also explained the move claiming it has been done since its own app discovery measures introduced over the months have started to reap benefits, enough to stop its reliance on third-party news sites and other referral programs.

Apple's App Store Affiliate Program allowed individual person, bloggers and YouTubers to link to an app and earn a commission of the sale. The Cupertino based conglomerate said that it will completely remove iOS and macOS apps from its iTunes Affiliate Programme starting October 1.

The pricey phone slinger is leaving other content, such as music, movies and TV alone, possibly indicating that Apple regards iTunes to be as very bad as the rest of us find it, at least as far as discovery is concerned. The affiliate program will still be available for music, movies, books, and TV purchases.

Apps removed from iTunes Affiliate Program