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Who Won 'The Bachelorette' 2018? Becca Kufrin Chooses [Spoiler]!

07 August 2018

The Bachelorette's Becca Kufrin accepted a proposal from Garrett Yrigoyen in the shocking season finale that aired Monday - months after Yrigoyen's questionable Instagram activity was widely reported. And as of tonight, we're happy to report she's engaged once again following her heartbreak with former flame Arie Luyendyk Jr.

Shortly after TV viewers saw Becca Kufrin and Garrett Yrigoyen joyously celebrate their new engagement on "The Bachelorette" season finale, the episode got a bit more serious. (It's also safe to assume her family considered him, as opposed to Garrett, more of an equal partner.) However, the more time she spent with Garrett - who she likened to her deceased father - the more her mind kept changing.

Ch-ch-check out her ring (below)!

"There is just one piece with someone else that I am not ready to say goodbye to yet", Kufrin told Horstmann. "So I stand by everything that I posted in my apology, and I'm just trying to grow as a person, be a better person on a daily basis".

Upon asking Kufrin to marry him, Kufrin said that he has been the most solid relationship throughout her journey on the show. Becca gave multiple interviews and asked viewers to "stay open" and hold off on judging Garrett. "He's really everything I could want in a partner".

When it was time for the breakup, Becca let Blake down as softly as she could.

"We're so happy, so in love", Becca told Harrison in the studio. Garrett repeated that he can only move foward and not make the same mistakes.

The rejection: It's a credit to the producers that they were able to keep us guessing (or at least some of us) until nearly the final moment, when the man she was about to reject stepped out of a motorboat onto the beach. His exit from the show is said to be a real tear-jerker. She said, "For a while I've been in love with Blake. We wish Becca all the happiness in the world".

As for those problematic Instagram double-taps, Garrett told Chris Harrison that they were just "mindless taps" and he didn't mean anything by it and doesn't understand why people would "attack [his] character" over liking memes claiming Parkland school shooting survivors were crisis actors.

"That's the hardest part, is having to read those things being said about him and getting backlash for both of us", Becca added.

After meeting Blake, her sister liked him too, saying, "I feel like Blake would challenge you and he would be more of a teammate". (Becca is a vocal liberal who voted for Hillary Clinton.) Now that the couple could discuss this scandal royale openly, they admitted it caused a riff in their relationship. Luckily, I got to know him for who he is. I got to see who he is - his heart and soul. He says that he didn't mean to offend anyone and didn't want to hurt Becca, but doesn't clarify whether or not he believed the content in the posts that he liked online.

People shares some tidbits from Becca Kufrin and Garrett Yrigoyen about the state of their relationship.

"The Instagram situation, I don't condone that", Becca said.

The future: When the proposal finally came it nearly seemed like an afterthought given how long we had to wait to see it (although I understand why the producers wouldn't have made Blake sit and watch it).

The Bachelorette stars reveal that they will spend some time traveling now that they can be out in public together.

Who Won 'The Bachelorette' 2018? Becca Kufrin Chooses [Spoiler]!