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Catherine Oxenberg on learning her daughter had been branded by Nxivm

08 August 2018

In a sit-down interview with Megyn Kelly on NBC's Dateline on Monday, the former Dynasty star has revealed that her 27-year-old daughter, India, is now home and ready to put her ordeal with the controversial group behind her.

Oxenberg explained that she introduced her daughter to the organization during a motivational course for NXIVM in 2011, but while Oxenberg distanced herself from the group, her daughter moved into the headquarters.

Schneiderman's now-ex Tanya Selvaratnam reportedly made the remark at a cocktail party late previous year, while speaking to a filmmaker who was working on a documentary about Nxivm and its leader, Keith Raniere. "And that's why I feel responsible for getting her out..." she told host, Megyn Kelly.

Member of Serbia's royal family Princess Jelisaveta Karadjordjevic (L) poses for a picture with her daughter US actress Catherine Oxenberg (C) and grand daughter India (R) at her home in Belgrade's suburb of Zemun June 11, 2004.

But her mother, Catherine Oxenberg, wasn't about to let that happen. "At first I felt horrendous guilt that I had participated in bringing my daughter into an organisation that was this deviant and unsafe".

"If I hadn't done what I'd done, maybe my daughter India would be sitting where Allison is sitting today", she said.

"I'm so incredibly grateful because if they hadn't been arrested I would have had to run for my life ..." Then I started to educate myself.

But Oxenberg is not taking all the credit for the demise of NXIVM or her daughter's harrowing escape.

News of the cult has shaken Hollywood ever since Smallville actress Allison Mack was arrested and charged with sex trafficking, allegedly running the group alongside its leader Raniere. And I spoke to numerous experts. "I said, "Are you aware of what you're branded with?' And she said, 'Some Latin symbol".She said it was character building".

Edmondson, a former member who told the New York Times previous year about being literally branded by the group with a symbol that incorporated Raniere's initials, continued: "She never recruited sex slaves and has been out since 2013 before shit got weird. India never stood a chance".

She also repeated a statement from her daughter that confirmed she is "moving on".

Catherine Oxenberg on learning her daughter had been branded by Nxivm