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Google's Pixel 3 XL Leaks in All Its Glory

08 August 2018

We were surprised to see a pair of headphones included in the box (the Pixel 2 XL got none).

This one comes in a box that nearly looks ready for retail. There are headphones and accessories. The Pixel 3 XL, meanwhile, may boast a light green power button instead.

The back shows the usual single camera setup and fingerprint reader.

Another shot of the headphones.

That's because they are hands-on shots of an alleged full production model of the phone and if not genuine, someone has gone to an terrible lot of trouble to make them look that way.

A picture from August 1!

A huge Pixel 3 XL leak hit the Web today, thanks to the Telegram channel Канал Лучкова. For its flagship smartphone, Google is going with a notched design and an all-glass body. I certainly wouldn't choose the Pixel 3 XL over the iPhone X or the many Android handsets that are far more attractive. But does the notch feel a bit tall to anyone else? The chunky notch also makes the status bar very thick. Second, the notch takes up so much horizontal space that there's only room for three notification icons in the status bar. Now, due to numerous leaks, we have a solid idea of what the device will look like. And according to this, the device will only have 4GB of RAM. Coincidentally or not, Google released Android 9 Pie just a few days ago and managed to made headlines at a time when everyone was talking about Samsung's Galaxy Note 9.

You can also catch a quick unboxing video for the Pixel 3 XL through the source link, but it mostly focuses on the contents of the box and not enough on the phone.

Google's Pixel 3 XL Leaks in All Its Glory