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Woman pulled from Lombok rubble as natural disaster death toll exceeds 100

08 August 2018

A dramatic video showed one man being pulled out alive Monday by soldiers.

Separately, a woman was pulled alive from the rubble of a collapsed grocery store in the north, near the epicentre of the quake, the second tremor to rock the tropical island in a week.

Indonesia's National Disaster Mitigation Agency spokesman Sutopo Purwo Nugroho said on Wednesday more than 156,003 refugees had been created by the quake, a day after admitting assistance had not reached all because of road closures, and markets and shops standing empty. Sutopo said the figure would rise still further.

Rescuers heard a weak voice coming from under the wreckage of a nearby two-storey mosque, where four people were believed to have been trapped when the building pancaked.

Sunday's natural disaster was the second deadly quake to hit Lombok in a week.

"We're pushing about 40 hours without sleep", Montgomery-Lay said. There have since been a series of large aftershocks.

The toll from Indonesia's powerful natural disaster in Lombok has risen to more than 100 has search and rescue efforts continue.

"There's no food, there's no water, there's no anything", Mr Maffescioni said. A woman's body was recovered, said rescue worker Bagusa Ngurah.

Ghozali told Fairfax Media that he and other locals working in the industry feared it would be a long time before tourists returned to Lombok, which would mean he would lose his income after already losing so much in the natural disaster. "Many of us screamed hysterically".

The proceeds from crafts and rendang, a savoury meat dish, sold at the Indonesian pavilion will go toward supporting thousands of people displaced by the quake.

Juanda said: "I stayed (inside) during the first shock but the shock grew stronger and we rolled around trying to run out and I was already outside. when the mosque collapsed". The quake damaged buildings and roads, leaving thousands of Indonesians homeless and without power.

The Australian government is one of several countries to have offered assistance to Indonesia, but Mr Sotopo said Indonesia "does not need worldwide assistance at the moment".

"Moreover, all shops and stalls there are closed, making the economy totally crippled."

Officials said more than 2,000 people had been evacuated from the three Gili islands off the northwest coast of Lombok, where fears of a tsunami had spread soon after the quake.

The islets are renowned for their crystal clear waters that draw snorkelers and divers from all over the world.

Thousands of tourists wait on a beach to be evacuated from the Indonesian island of Lombok after a huge quake.

From the ruins of a village mosque in north Lombok. success.

"When it happened, we stood with residents in the middle of the street and watched houses collapse around us", said Yustrianda Sirio, supervisor of a group of university students from Java doing a community service program in East Lombok.

Woman pulled from Lombok rubble as natural disaster death toll exceeds 100