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A popular film category is coming to the Oscars

09 August 2018

Strangely, this is a move that was lobbied for by every Oscarcast producer over the past decade, but the board would barely entertain those suggestions. The annual awards show usually runs over three hours, with the longest show clocking in at four hours and 20 minutes minutes in 2002.

That change is going to disappoint the unlucky (and unfamous) people who've waited their lives to win an Oscar, only to have their thunder somewhat dimmed.

Oscar or Logie? The world's most prestigious film award is creating a category for most popular film.

However, the three-hour telecast means select categories will not air live.

The Academy's board of governors met on Tuesday and reelected president John Bailey for a one year term.

Read the full letter from The Academy below.

Starting next year, the ceremony will now be shown in what the Academy describes as "a more globally accessible, three-hour telecast".

The Board of Governors, staff, Academy members, and various working groups spent the last several months discussing improvements to the show.

The sweeping changes also include handing out some of the 24 Academy Awards during commercial breaks in the February 24 broadcast on Walt Disney Co.'s ABC network.

On Wednesday, the organization announced a number of impending changes to the Oscars, including its intention to add a new category for achievement in popular film.

Reaction to the announcement was mixed, with many calling the "popular film" award a cheapening of the Oscars, while others lamented over the lack of recognition for stunt performers, voice actors, and motion-capture performers.

They have also set an earlier air date for their 2020 awards ceremony, telling fans to mark their calendars for February 9. The eligibility dates for Oscar releases and the voting period, meanwhile, will remain the same. The 2019 Oscars will proceed as planned on February 24.

The Hollywood Reporter printed a message from the Academy to its members, outlining the new changes approved by the Board of Governors.

One person wrote, "I stopped watching the Oscars in the last two years because I'm sick of celebrities wagging their fingers at me, and lecturing me on how I should think and how I should live my life".

Could this new category focus on the epic draw of films like offerings from the Marvel Cinematic Universe or Star Wars movies? Even with this change it still can do that of course, but adding a new category just widens the net. The plan is not to remove the awards from the show, but to present some of the categories during commercial breaks.

A popular film category is coming to the Oscars