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NCAA apparently forgot most important detail of rule changes

09 August 2018

The move comes as the National Basketball Association is expected to eliminate the one-and-done rule within the next five years. While that may seem like a big deal on its face, the fact that it's. A second group, which will be comprised of 15 people with backgrounds in law, higher education and sports with no affiliations to NCAA schools or conferences, will review the findings of the first group, oversee the hearing and decide penalties, if necessary.

Wednesday, the NCAA announced basketball players will have more freedom and flexibility about their status, including allowing undrafted players to return to school.

One of the main changes includes giving players the opportunity to enter the NBA Draft and return to school if they are undrafted, pending future action from the NBA and the NBPA.

The changes also allow high school athletes more time and latitude in committing to a college basketball team.

Schools would be required to provided tuition, fees and books assistance to players who left early and wanted to return to school within 10 years.

Agents can pay for meals and transportation for players and their families if the expenses are related to the agent selection process.

University presidents and chancellors will also now be personally resposible for their athletics programs abiding by the NCAA's rules.

"The September 2017 announcement of a federal investigation into fraud in college basketball recruiting made it clear the NCAA needed to make significant changes - and do so quickly", the NCAA wrote on it's website. The NCAA would establish a fund to help schools that financially would struggle to meet this requirement. The new rules also allow for heavier punishments, like longer head coach suspensions and stronger fines.

NCAA apparently forgot most important detail of rule changes