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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 launch; How to watch live stream

09 August 2018

The curtains have finally been pulled back on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, and this time around, the tech giant has put the battery back in the spotlight.

The Galaxy Note 9 is now official as Samsung's most feature-packed flagship yet. Samsung says the cameras on the device are now powered by AI, and it's able to optimize things like the white balance and exposure based on the scenery.

As rumoured, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 packs a Quad HD+ (1440x2960 pixels) Super AMOLED Infinity Display with an 18.5:9 aspect ratio and a pixel density of 516 pixels per inch. At a glance, the Note 9 is tough to tell apart from the Note 8, so are the relatively minor tweaks enough to justify an upgrade?

The Galaxy Note 9 brings a lot to the table compared to even the Galaxy Note 8, but Samsung has made a decision to go with a similar price tag for its new device.

But exclusivity to Galaxy Note 9? Additionally, users will also have an option to expand the Note 9's storage by 512GB through the addition of a microSD card.

Samsung's event is going on now.

Though we may only been seeing some peripheral changes with this phone, bigger is what the Note 9 is all about; the battery, bigger; the screen, bigger; and the storage, you guessed it, bigger.

As for the 512 GB Note 9, expect to pay handsomely for all that extra storage. The Galaxy Note 8 will become available in stores starting Friday, August 24. And it's exactly what we have expected it to be. At first glance the new Note looks like a small update over the Galaxy Note8, but there are a host of meaningful improvements.

From August 9 to August 23, Samsung will take pre-orders and offer €100 for trading in an old smartphone. If you simply can't choose between the two, you can also pay $99 and get both promotional offers (and still save a few hundred bucks). Instead, if you want to use your Note 9 as a desktop PC replacement, all you'll need is a USB-C to HDMI adapter.

Laura Simeonova, an analyst covering mobile phones and IoT for CCS Insight, said that while Samsung's hardcore, loyal fan base for the Note will see the new features as enticing "Samsung will be wary of comparisons with the launch of the S9 portfolio and accusations of less underwhelming improvements on previous models". Priced at $11.99 and available through Samsung direct, it includes on-site technical support and assistance, along with a replacement device if yours breaks.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 launch; How to watch live stream