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The Academy announces new changes to the Oscars, including popular film category

09 August 2018

Bailey and Hudson said eligibility requirements will be determined at a later date.

The lack of nominations for blockbusters led to a change previously as well. Some Oscar viewers are pushing for other new categories - like best stunt work (Helen Mirren has advocated for this) and best casting. Nine years ago, the Academy expanded the best picture roster from five nominees to 10.

Such films are certainly popular, as Black Panther recently passed $700M in the United States, the most for any MCU film ever domestically.

"When that whole snafu happened with best picture, you had the "La La Land" folks and "Moonlight" folks onstage at the same time", he continued, alluding to the more than $20 million difference between their budgets.

So expect the Best Picture category to stay "Best Drama That Makes You Cry", and this new category to be the one where you pull for the big franchise movie you love, or maybe that exceptional comedy. We'll have to see how the criteria for Best Popular Film pans out before making too much judgment here, but that could be an issue.

In another attempt at appealing to viewers, the Academy also said that they voted to limit the Oscar telecast to 3 hours. Will this be a full-fledged Oscar, or will it be a lesser award signified by a plaque, certificate or some other marker of achievement?

Those winning moments will then be edited down for air later in the broadcast.

The final reform will be to hold the ceremony earlier in the calendar year - in 2020, it will shift to February 9.

Big changes are coming to the Oscars.

To keep the ceremony to three hours, the academy vows to present only select categories live.

The Academy also announced that, due to falling ratings, future broadcasts will not be any longer than three-hours (last year's show clocked in at nearly four hours).

In a message to its membership, the group's president John Bailey and its CEO Dawn Hudson have announced that the Oscars broadcast will now include a new category for outstanding achievement in popular film. They argue the change "will not affect awards eligibility dates or the voting process".

The next Oscars ceremony will take place in Hollywood on February 24, as previously announced.