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Kanye West laughs off Trump being 'a player' on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'

10 August 2018

After the break, Kimmel moved on from the Trump conversation to ask West about his family.

Film producer Adam Best joked that Kimmel deserves an Emmy for managing to silence Kanye, who is known for his outbursts and general lack of any sort of verbal filter. But after a couple beats, Kimmel offered, "Why don't we take a break". "She just got married two weeks ago, '" she continued. "You know, I fucked up and went a different direction and realized I fucked up pretty soon".

"Yeah, I think that's another one of those things, where people are like, 'How are you gonna talk about it?'" West replied.

"What's next for you, Space Force?" asked Kimmel, following up with a question on whether or not West would consider designing the force's uniforms if Trump asked.

During a wide-ranging interview on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" the musician discussed coming out in support of Trump, and the criticism he received as a result of his decision to do so.

"There are literally families being torn apart as a result of what this president is doing, and I think that we can not forget that whether we like his personality or not, his actions are really what matter", he said.

Rapper, Kanye West, has made a name for himself as a sometimes brash pop culture icon, unafraid to speak his mind.

Kimmel then referred to critical comments West made about former President George W. Bush in 2005, following the USA response to Hurricane Katrina devestating New Orleans.

- John E.B. Goode (@dew_u) August 10, 2018Jimmy Kimmel calls out @kanyewest about his Bush comment.

Here's West's entire appearance in which the rapper, producer, designer, and all-around icon discusses his shoes, porn choices, wife, and the president. We never approached taking a medication. He added that he's into "a lot of black on white, obviously", which mirrors his "own reality".

West mentioned he had his "first complete blackout at age 5". I tweet about it all the time.

"When I see people just even like go at the president, it's like, why not try love?" he said. "And saying, 'You can't bully me.' Liberals can't bully me, news can't bully me, the hip hop community can't bully me", said Kanye. "What was awesome (about the TMZ interview) is the world got to really experience someone in a ramped-up state".

Kanye West laughs off Trump being 'a player' on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'