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Samsung launches new LTE-enabled Galaxy Watch, Home smart speaker

10 August 2018

Ready to play Fortnite Battle Royale on your Android device?

"At Samsung, we have a long history of providing consumers with choice, while maintaining innovation within our products, and we are excited to continue the proud heritage of our Galaxy line with our wearables", said DJ Koh, President and CEO of IT & Mobile Communications Division, Samsung Electronics. It has wireless charging technology built in, so it can be charged with the new wireless charging pad that Samsung announced along with the Note9. Were the rumours true?

Then there's the storage increase: you can now get 512GB of internal storage, along with another 512GB through a microSD card.

We can expect Amazon and Flipkart to offer the device for pre-order as well. Find out right here. It has improved battery life over previous Samsung watch models, and will be compatible with a new charger that can simultaneously charge smartphones and the watch.

For low usage, the battery can last up to seven days. £899 / $999 for the base model?

In addition, the leaked "Galaxy" skin is also confirmed as an exclusive for Samsung Galaxy owners who download the game.

Samsung is pushing this watch's health features, which go beyond simple activity-tracking (though it does that, too). The Galaxy Watch can track 39 exercises, six of them automatically without you even having to launch the device's workout mode. Well, it seems Google is also concerned for its users. Samsung's current speaker, the Invoke, uses Microsoft's Cortana assistant.

And that redesign really is key, arguably, to the success of the Galaxy Watch, as despite this new smartwatch packing some neat new features, the fact that it looks more like a regular watch will no-doubt be the foremost decider in whether potential adopters pull the trigger.

In terms of models and colours, the 42mm and 46mm versions of the Galaxy Watch is available in Midnight Black or Rose Gold, however, the available straps differ between the two. Users also have the option of industry standard straps. The company also announced a partnership with music streaming service Spotify.

It can even sync with your calendar so you can stay on top of your appointments and free time.

Seamlessly connected devices have been a huge focus of Unpacked this year, so this makes sense. Samsung's stock slid more than 3 per cent in Seoul after Eugene Investment & Securities labelled the Note 9 a "transitional product" that wasn't a game-changer. But while earth-shattering new features are in short supply, it will carry an earth-shattering price tag: $1,000.

They will be available in Australia on October 4.

Samsung launches new LTE-enabled Galaxy Watch, Home smart speaker