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WikiLeaks says Senate panel seeks interview with Assange ZlotoNews

10 August 2018

The letter, from Richard Burr, chairman, and Mark Warner, vice-chairman, respectively of the panel, was sent on 1 August through the U.S. embassy in London.

Over a month before the Senate Intelligence Committee's letter arrived in London, ten Democrat senators sent a petition to Vice President Mike Pence, demanding that he press the Ecuadorian government to revoke Assange's asylum.

WikiLeaks claimed on Twitter that the letter was delivered via the USA embassy in London, although both the embassy and the senate select committee on intelligence declined to comment when contacted by Sky News.

In the invitation letter, dated August 1, the the Senate Intelligence Committee asks if Assange is "available for a closed interview" at a "mutually agreeable time and location".

WikiLeaks, a central figure in the 2016 election and the recipient of an email trove stolen by Russian intelligence, is "considering the offer".

The self-styled radical transparency group, which US intelligence believes is a catspaw of Russian intelligence, quoted its legal team to say it is "considering the offer but testimony must conform to a high ethical standard," presumably meaning on the part of the Senate staff who would conduct the interview.

The letter comes as reports indicate that the Ecuador government plans to expel Assange from the embassy, in which he has been confined since 2012.

"According to Moreno, Ecuadorian authorities are now in talks with Assange's lawyers to work out an agreement that would ensure the security of the WikiLeaks' founder "'in line with the norms of worldwide law".

Wikileaks published emails from the Democratic National Committee (DNC) in the runup to the 2016 presidential election.

Assange believes that would pave the way for extradition to the United States for the publication of a huge cache of US diplomatic and military secrets on the WikiLeaks website.

But because he breached bail conditions, he would be arrested by British police if he left the embassy.

But according to Daily Beast reporting and special prosecutor Robert Mueller, Guccifer2.0 was a fictitious entity created by the GRU, Russian military intelligence.

WikiLeaks says Senate panel seeks interview with Assange ZlotoNews