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Sony developing Jackpot and Silk movies for its Spider-Man universe

11 August 2018

The image also gives us a good look at the white, veiny accents on Venom's body, which will serve as a stand-in of sorts for the traditional white spider symbol from the comics.

How do you feel about Sony's Spider-Man Universe? With 900 characters in the stable, calling the franchise a "Spider-Man Universe" is somewhat limiting.

Sony's Spider-Man universe which will make its true debut in the upcoming Venom film starring Tom Hardy has an official name. This may be why the report indicated that Sony is open to lending out more characters to the MCU, in exchange for a few guest appearances from Marvel's side of the universe. Sony has also had discussions on other Spider-Man characters such as Silk and Nightwatch, with Variety reporting that the Spidey adjacent superhero Jackpot is also in the works for her own movie.

Whatever their reasoning for making Venom more family friendly, Sony is still going ahead on the rest of the SUMC with Sanford Panitch, president of Sony subsidiary Columbia Pictures, corralling it all. Unfortunately for die hard Venom fans, Sony is aiming to keep the anti-hero at the PG-13 range, but is said to be pushing the envelope with the rating. Along with Morbius, Sony has brought in writer Richard Wenk (Equalizer 2) to start on a script that will cover one of Spider-Man's most famous foes, Kraven the Hunter. Instead, Black Cat and Silver Sable are likely to get their own films.

While Spider-Man is now part of Disney's Marvel Cinematic Universe, the cinematic rights to the character remain with Sony.

If you've been following Sony's SUMC plans (before it was known as the SUMC), then you may have noticed that there's one title missing in that list, and it's one that had seemingly been in development the longest. They are extending that relationship with Spider-Man sequel, Spider-Man: Far From Home. Silver & Black are headed to the big screen, too, but they've since been redirected to individual solo movies. The film was dropped from Sony's release schedule back in June.

Sony developing Jackpot and Silk movies for its Spider-Man universe