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Fallout 76 will let you turn into a kangaroo

13 August 2018

He explained to the assembled fans how Fallout 76 re-uses the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. system of attributes which has appeared in other Fallout titles.

Fallout 76 will feature a card-based perk system in which you can share perks with other players and swap out perks every time you level up, Bethesda announced at a QuakeCon panel today.

"We turn the assholes into interesting content", said game director Todd Howard.

Players Will Gain Perk Card Packs Every Few Levels
Fallout 76 will let you turn into a kangaroo

While the perk packs sound like a creative way to put more perks in players' hands and give them some abilities that they otherwise wouldn't have thought to pick themselves, some that can't even be used yet, the model also looked quite a bit like something that players could spend real money on. What's more, they will have a bounty on their head for everyone to see while the fugitive will no longer see players on the minimap.

Taking to Twitter, Hines confirmed to an eager gamer that "you just get them (perk cards) when you level up". The player that kills someone who doesn't agree to combat becomes a "Wanted Murderer" and receives no rewards from their kill, whether it's caps or experience. The reward, of course, will be higher for trolls with higher in-game levels. When you die, the only effect is that you drop the junk you're collecting, which is used to build. Armor and weaponry isn't lost upon death, so the only decision you have to make after dying is whether you want to go back and collect your resources. Players will start with one point in Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence, Agility, and Luck, and every level they can add another point to one stat. It keeps going like that until level 50 when you stop getting extra SPECIAL points for multiplayer power balance reasons, though you can keep picking new Perk Cards forever. You don't lose weapon or armor.

You can respawn anywhere you've unlocked. According to Bethesda, respawning at Fallout 76 is free but other locations will carry a cost.

Fallout 76 will let you turn into a kangaroo