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Text-Messaging Anti-Trump FBI Agent Strzok Fired

17 August 2018

Fitton was referring to Lisa Page, the former Federal Bureau of Investigation attorney with whom Strzok exchanged virulent anti-Trump texts while they were in an extra-marital relationship; fired Federal Bureau of Investigation director James Comey; fired deputy director Andrew McCabe; and Justice Department official Bruce Ohr.

Noting that Strzok was the author of the memo that opened the Russia-Trump collusion investigation, the Fox Business Network's Melissa Francis asked Fitton in an interview Tuesday what the agent's firing suggests.

There is no indication that the probe will be dropped.

The son of an influential Republican congressman excoriated his father after news broke about the FBI's firing of Peter Stzrok, the veteran agent who had played a central role in the investigation of Russian Federation.

"It is a total Hoax".

Monday, the president called for the Mueller investigation to be "properly redone" in light of Mr. Stzok's involvement.

"We are asking you to support a man who has dedicated his life to defending America", it says.

"The decision to terminate was taken in response to political pressure, and to punish Special Agent Strzok for political speech protected by the First Amendment, not on a fair and independent examination of the facts", he said.

But the Judicial Watch president said that's "the most charitable analysis".

Blatantly anti-Trump texts sent from Strzok his girlfriend - who was also his coworker - during the 2016 campaign when he wrote how they needed to stop Donald Trump from winning the presidency.

Strzok faced tough questions from the elder Goodlatte during a particularly brutal congressional hearing last month.

"Like many people, I had and expressed personal political opinions during an extraordinary presidential election", Strzok said.

Text-Messaging Anti-Trump FBI Agent Strzok Fired