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Confirmed: OnePlus 6T has abandoned the headphone port. Here's why

13 September 2018

Online tech store Giztop leaked all these details by publishing the 6T's store entry early.

Just hours after we learned that Apple has killed off the headphone jack by discontinuing its older 3.5mm-jack-toting iPhones, OnePlus has gone on record to state that there will be no headphone jack on its next handset, which is set to be the OnePlus 6T.

That changes with the OnePlus 6T when it arrives next month and OnePlus seems to be OK with the move. To ensure the smoothest possible transition and offer a couple of great options for listening to music on the OnePlus 6T, the company is today unveiling the aptly named Type-C Bullets. Couple that with the included USB-C to 3.5mm dongle and optional new USB-C Bullets earbuds, Pei doesn't sound anxious about any backlash.

We don't know yet how much they'll cost or when exactly they'll ship. The OnePlus Type-C Bullets aim to produce a "balanced sound" by leveraging their premium metal build, combining utility with versatility while "ensuring a comfortable fit".

According to OnePlus, the decision to remove the jack comes after researching the market trends and seeing a shift in the way consumers use headphones these days. Pei also went on to explain that more and more of OnePlus' userbase has already adopted wireless headphones - he quoted 59%, but expects that figure now to be higher thanks to the company launching its own wireless headphones, the Bullets Wireless.

Pei also said that the freed up space could be used to improve battery life to an extent where the difference would be "substantial enough for users to realize". The smartphone will feature a "light sensitive" under-display fingerprint sensor.

Lastly, the listing also reveals that the 6T would come with dual SIM slots, Android Pie based OxygenOS, and, a 3500 mAh battery with support for VOOC Fast Charging.

Thoughts on leaving the headphone jack behind, friends? If not in other cases, users will definitely miss the jack when you have to plug in your headphones and the charger at the same time while playing games or streaming online.

Confirmed: OnePlus 6T has abandoned the headphone port. Here's why