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Apple says new iOS will help battle smartphone addiction

14 September 2018

In case you don't know, when the battery of a device starts to degrade, you can expect uncalled-for shutdowns on a device like the iPhone or iPad, and even Android.

Among many other things, iOS 12 was officially announced at Apple's special "Gather Round" event last night. If you want to use iOS 12 before the vast majority of people, all you need to do is join the beta.

Still, if you're considering any of the fancy new iPhones from Apple, but you already own an iPhone, you should wait until iOS 12 becomes available before making a final decision.

Apple is rolling out the stable build of iOS 12 to existing public beta testers. An easy way to do this is through iTunes, but you can also back everything up in iCloud (as long as you're okay with possibly overwriting your previous iOS 11 backup with a newer iOS 12 one). In order to avoid this issue on the former platform, iOS, Apple throttles devices to a point where you will keep on seeing "normal" battery life, but performance degradation is very evident.

It is incredible to see just how much Apple has been able to improve the performance of its older devices by simply rolling out a software update. Select the iOS tab, then follow the instructions.

Once everything is done, your device should restart. After that happens go to settings and check for an update. However, until then, it's probably safe to say that iOS 12 will introduced a number of great features but isn't going to make an average performing device a world beater. The update brings a new feature called "zero sign-on", which allows streaming apps to automatically detect your cable provider so you won't need to manually sign-in each time.

Given the fact that iPhone XS / XS Max and iPhone XR ship with the brand new A12 Bionic chipset onboard, we can expect the hardware and software combination to bring real tangible improvements.

Security and privacy is another big focus of macOS 10.4, with Apple enhancing Safari's Intelligent Tracking Prevention to block social media "Like" or "Share" buttons and with comments widgets (gulp) from tracking users without permission.

Apple says new iOS will help battle smartphone addiction