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Facebook Unveils Rosetta: Super AI to Help Tackle Hate Speech

14 September 2018

There are simply too many users and too many posts to lay content moderation exclusively on the shoulders of human workers.

In a blog entry, Facebook designers say they have made a devoted AI apparatus, considered Rosetta, to peruse the content that shows up in images (and different pictures and video outlines) that are shared to Facebook and Instagram.

Hate speech and fake news is a big problem for Facebook.

There are so many memes on Facebook and Instagram that the company has enlisted its artificial intelligence to help understand them.

This week, Facebook announced the deployment of a large-scale machine learning system named Rosetta, which it's using to automatically and proactively identify "inappropriate or harmful content" in images on the social network.

It will be important to note that Facebook in the past has tried to use AI for the objective.

Suffice to say, with approximately 350 million photos being uploaded to the social network each day, Rosetta and Facebook are fighting an uphill battle.

Later on, Facebook says it could apply a similar innovation toward understanding content that shows up in video also, however that requires a more mind boggling framework.

By its own admission, Facebook has been struggling to suppress the spread of inappropriate content - from hate speech and threats of violence to disinformation and "fake news" across its enormous platform.

"[Rosetta] extracts text from more than a billion public Facebook and Instagram images and video frames (in a wide variety of languages), daily and in real time, and inputs it into a text recognition model that has been trained on classifiers to understand the context of the text and the image together", Facebook explains.

This technology has, of course, been in use for document processing for ages, but the challenge at Facebook was both to recognize text in any number of complex images, including text laid over the image, as in an internet meme or text such as a sign that was part of the original image, and then to make it work at the scale of the site's constant stream of images.

Apart from being a technological milestone for Facebook, Rosetta is also important for Mark Zuckerberg and Co in other ways. As such, it doubling down on its efforts and exploring new age AI-based tools to fight this battle is only a step in the right direction and one that should be celebrated.

Facebook Unveils Rosetta: Super AI to Help Tackle Hate Speech