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Google brings new tools to manage content in YouTube Kids app

14 September 2018

The rollout of the new whitelisting feature on Thursday lets parents have more direct control over what their kids see on the app. YouTube first said it'd be rolling out the feature in April.

The YouTube Kids new parent approved content feature allows parents to pick every video and channel available to their child in the app.

The new tools are available in the Android app for US users from today and will be coming to other regions and iOS in the near future. On a serious note, parents can enable the "Approved content only" mode, then can add channels and specific videos to a child's watchlist.

Of course, the new whitelisting feature and tween experience won't be ideal, YouTube said. To enable it just open settings, go to your child's profile, and under "content level" select "older". This feature will not allow the child to search for content on their own. This is the second addition to the app, which is aimed at kids 8-12 years old, allowing them to expand their viewing habits while remaining "safe".

The "younger" version, which is more restricted and suited for kids in preschool and elementary school, is the default setting.

If you're observant when selecting that "approved content only" radio button, you'll have noticed that there is now a toggle for Younger and Older Kids. YouTube has started to roll out the new "Older" experience in the U.S., and will soon expand it worldwide.

Geared towards older children, parents can now let their kids view popular music and gaming videos via the YouTube Kids app.

"We work hard to make videos in the app family friendly, but no system is flawless".

YouTube is a massive platform when it comes to kids, but with a lot of unsavoury content on there parents have been turning to YouTube Kids as a safer alternative to the full stream of YouTube. Should you come across a video that you think is inappropriate for the Younger and Older versions, you can flag it to be reviewed by the YouTube team.

Google brings new tools to manage content in YouTube Kids app