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Google Pixel 3 is expected to be launched on October 3

14 September 2018

It's an odd way to improve battery life, but if you're still carrying around headphone dongles in your pocket, this is probably worth the upgrade.

The same goes for Google's stock Android-powered Pixel smartphone family, although if it makes you feel any better, the Pixel 3 and 3 XL will (obviously) come with a USB Type-C port each, supporting a new type of headphone adapter. On top of that, Google just sent out invites for a similar event in Paris, for the same date, which suggests Google has big plans for its Pixel 3 phones. But now Google is raising the value support up to $12 as its introduces a fresh mannequin of adapter which is smaller and more vital than its predecessor.

Google has officially announced that its next "Made by Google" event will take place on October 3 in New York City. However, there are said to be some improvements. It's additionally ever-so-a dinky bit smaller than the 2017 adapter, measuring in at 3.67 in. long, Zero.forty six in. extensive, and Zero.3 in. colossal, and weighing accurate Zero.17g. As well as making a previously back-breaking 5.3g cable a feather-light 4.9g, Google has managed to improve its performance too.

At first, Google charged a stunning $20 for the adapter on its own, but quickly lowered the price down to $9 to match Apple's own adapter when consumers (understandably) revolted. The store listing, however, says that it works best with "Pixel and other devices running Android P or higher". Not to mention, you also get the option of choosing a different color.

Google Pixel 3 is expected to be launched on October 3