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Cancer will destroy almost 10 million of us this yr, file estimates

15 September 2018

Globally, it's estimated there will be 18.1 million new cases of cancer in 2018, with 9.6m deaths.

Europe accounts for 23.4% of the global cancer cases and 20.3% of the cancer deaths, although it has only 9.0% of the global population.

They say because of this countries need to consider tailoring how they try to prevent and treat cancer.

By the end of the century, cancer will be the No. 1 killer globally and the single biggest barrier to increasing our life expectancy, according to the report, released Wednesday by the World's Health Organization's International Agency for Research on Cancer.

The IARC estimated that there had been 8.2 million cancer-related deaths in 2012 and 14.1 million new cases.

Overall, the report estimates, almost half of all cases and most cancer deaths in the world this year will occur in Asia, partly because of the large numbers of people living in the continent and partly because some cancers with higher death rates are more common in this region.

The Americas, however, have their own serious problems with the disease, with 21% of cancer incidences and 14.4% of cancer deaths, despite having only 13.3% of the world's population. The IARC in the GLOBACAN report revealed that cancer burden was expected to rise to 18.1 million new cases worldwide. The researchers have opined that although there has been an improvement in the way the cancer-related data are collected, it is evident that deaths owing to the condition have risen over the years. According to the report, the proportions of cancer deaths in Asia and Africa were higher than the proportions of incident cases. For women, breast cancer is the most frequently diagnosed.

They are also among five most unsafe forms of cancer, representing one third of all cancer incidence and mortality worldwide, according to IARC's GLOBOCAN 2018 database, which provides estimates of incidence and mortality in 185 countries for 36 types of cancer. However, the differences in mortality rates between these two categories of countries are smaller, on the one hand because lower-HDI countries have a higher frequency of certain cancer types associated with poorer survival, and on the other hand because access to timely diagnosis and effective treatment is less common. The population is also aging, and cancer risks grow as you age. One in eight men and one in 11 women will die from the illness.

Lung, breast and colorectal cancers are the ones people get the most.

In developed countries, prevention efforts are helping drive down the rates of various cancers, including those of the lung and cervix, while developing countries are increasingly affected by cancers typically linked to social and economic development, like colon cancer. The highest incidence rates in women are seen in North America, Northern and Western Europe (notably in Denmark and The Netherlands), China, and Australia and New Zealand, with Hungary topping the list.

IARC is part of the United Nations and World Health Organisation (WHO).

IARC said that several factors were contributing to the rising number of cancer cases and deaths.

He called for efficient prevention and early detection policies to be implemented urgently "to control this devastating disease across the world".

Cancer will destroy almost 10 million of us this yr, file estimates