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Did Google Hack the 2016 Election

15 September 2018

Google executives at their first weekly meeting after the election of Donald Trump in 2016 exhibited panic and dismay while expressing their determination to thwart the new administration's agenda as well as the emerging global populist movement, . Google says it doesn't rank search results to manipulate political sentiment.

"That's something else I think we ought to really focus on", Brin says.

Schweizer emphasized that Google is certainly entitled to its worldview and can run the company as it wishes, but it can't continue to insist that it's a neutral platform and therefore immune to the requirements that publishers face under the Communications Decency Act of 1996.

On Tuesday, Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale published an op-ed in USA TODAY alleging Google and other major tech companies filter, suppress and directly attack conservatives.

Matthew O'Keefe, a vice president at software giant Oracle, commented both on the video, and on what he calls Google's "arrogance and insularity".

In a statement, Google said employees and executives in the all-hands meeting were expressing their personal views after a "long and divisive election season".

According to the newspaper, given that the lawmaker had previously helped orchestrate an entire congressional hearing focused on allegations of conservative bias at Twitter, chances are that Google's executives could soon be forced to appear in front of their Republican critics. Eileen Naughton, Google's chief people officer, encouraged employees to respect conservative colleagues. "For over 20 years, everyone at Google has been able to freely express their opinions at these meetings", a Google spokesperson said.

"Nothing was said in that meeting, or any other meeting, to suggest that any political bias ever influences the way we build or operate our products", Google said in response to an AFP inquiry. To the different, our products are built for each person, and we fabricate them with extraordinary care to be a sterling source of info for each person, without regard to political standpoint."That can also not be ample to persuade Trump, who closing month accused Google of political bias".

Tech firms have begun to play a larger - and more active - role in politics, as Twitter and Facebook have each announced the suspensions of fake accounts aimed at influencing US politics, as Google and Microsoft have worked to alert campaigns of attempted hacks.

It is not a surprise that Google employees and executives - many of whom are significant donors to the Democratic Party - were disappointed by the outcome of the presidential election.

The meeting, described in earlier media accounts, including in The New York Times, felt "like a funeral", Mike Cernovich, a right-wing media personality and agitator, said on Twitter after Breitbart posted the video. "We need to do better".

Did Google Hack the 2016 Election